The Benefits Of A Free Credit Report In The UK

There are many benefits to obtaining a free credit report, and by getting a credit report, a person can determine their credit score, the balances on all of their accounts and the status of each account that they have.


All Payments

When a person gets a free credit report, they will be able to see all of the minimum payments that they have to make for all of their accounts. In addition, they will be given the percentage and the amount of each balance that has been payed off and the remaining amount that needs to be payed off.


The Status Of An Account

A customer will be given a detailed report regarding each of their accounts. This report will include the company or the financial institution that the account is with, the status of the account overall, whether or not the person is late on payments and the date that the account was opened.


The Credit Score

A free credit report will give a person their credit score, and in addition, the report will show how the score has fluctuated during the last several months. Once a customer knows if their credit score is going up or down, they can more effectively determine different factors that are affecting their credit.


Special Offers And Deals

Once a person receives their full credit report, they will receive various offers and deals that they qualify for. By receiving these offers and deals, a person can determine which types of loans or credit cards they would be eligible for.


Applications For Credit

A credit report will show the number of applications for credit that a person has submitted in the last several years, and as a result, the person will be able to ensure that no applications for credit are being submitted fraudulently in their name by other people.

There are many benefits to getting a free credit report. Some of these include seeing all of the minimum payments that have to be made, the status of all of the accounts, the credit score, special offers and deals and a list of applications for credit that a person has submitted in the last several years.

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